Welcome to POW.ME
A Preservation of Wealth Marketing System

We have built a cutting edge marketing system that you can begin using immediately to promote your Preservation of Wealth business. This system is very easy to set up and it's even easier to use.  All you have to do is plug in.

Now you can spend your time doing things that MAKE YOU MONEY and let the system take care of the rest!

With POW.ME you are getting a step-by-step system that allows you to plug-in with all of the tools and resources that we are using build Preservation of Wealth. This system works and we are excited to bring it to all Preservation of Wealth Associates. You will find there is nothing quite like this system all under 1 platform.

Features Include...

  • Over 30 different landing pages that are synced to your account
  • Autoresponder Emails being sent to all your leads
  • Full integration with Preservation of Wealth
  • Prospect Management system with full tracking
  • Invite System - Send up to 500 emails per day
  • Social Network Integration (Facebook, Twitter)
  • Step-by-Step training
  • Custom Marketing Tools (banners, emails, phone scripts)
  • Plus, Much More...

If you already joined Preservation of Wealth then you can set up this marketing system by clicking the button below. All you need to do is sign up and enter your member information (ID#, Username, Storename) and the system will be synced up for you automatically.

If you are NOT already signed up with Preservation of Wealth then do not attempt to sign up here! You must be invited to use this system...

Click Here to enter your sponsors username... If you don't know it, you'll need to contact the person who invited you to this page and ask them for their Code so that you can sign up.